Website Wednesday 2

Check out this yarn stash. Seriously, it’s not a shop, it’s a person’s stash. I swear, I thought the Yarn Harlot was only being funny when she described stashes like this in her book Knitting Rules. “Oh, haha,” I said. “Imagine having to go outside to get 50 feet away from your stash! How silly.” But it’s not a joke, it’s real. And, to top it off, the single room that’s pictured is not even all of it.

I feel obligated to say that this isn’t all of Bonney’s yarn. The living culture that is her yarn stash has long since spread down the stairs, and into several other rooms, where it’s started growing baby yarn colonies.

Finally, a stash to aspire to! (Link via Karen. Thanks!)

4 thoughts on “Website Wednesday 2

  1. Wow… my god, the jealousy in me doesn’t stop growing! I wouldn’t believe it either if I hadn’t seen it!

    All the Best
    Chuana :)

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