Instead of working on my novel, I was reading blogs.

Instead of cooking dinner, I am blogging.

Instead of knitting, I will be working on my novel.

Anybody else having a day like that?

Also, a quick note to quietly mark the passing of one of our fish, Goldie, swimming happily now in that great big goldfish bowl in the sky. May the water be warm and oxygenated, and may you always have just the right amount of food to eat. Good-bye Goldie!


I’m way behind…

I didn’t write at all yesterday, having fallen asleep at 7:30 pm with the kids. Today, I wasn’t any where near my computer all day and, while I did some some hand-written stuff, it turns out that it only amounted to about 800 words or so. I’m exhausted tonight. It looks like I will be starting off tomorrow with a 4,700 word deficit. And I’m going into the long haul–the middle, the point where the REAL slogging gets going. Alright, NaNoWriMo, bring. it. on.

Also, my inner teenager is snickering loudly again. Check out my word count:

6969 / 50000 words. 14% done!

Why can’t my inner teen just get a life? (Get a job, you hippy!)

Tomorrow (or soon), actual knitting content (I hope.) Cheers!