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Can’t Knit Now…

Even more shocking this weekend than a lack of knitting progress, was a lack of any knitting at all. You see, Saturday, I was busy with this:

Isn’t it sleek and beautiful? I’ve had my old machine since 2000, so this new laptop is an absolute SCREAMER!! I spent the better part of Saturday night and Sunday morning setting it up, but there’s still more to do. It’s amazing how much stuff accumulates on a computer in eight years. Luckily, it’s the kind of stuff that doesn’t take up a lot of 3 dimensional space.

Finally, I took a break from my nifty new laptop and went with Mr. Interrupted and my Totally Awesome Sister over to our local library where Michael Whelan was giving a talk. He has been my favorite SciFi/Fantasy artist for as long as I can remember, so the lecture was a real treat. And the new stuff he has been working on is absolutely amazing. We bought a few of his prints that I can’t wait to have framed and displayed.

What’s that? You don’t believe for a minute that I didn’t knit at all? How well the blog knows me. I did finish the scarf for my TAS while at the WW meeting on Saturday. Here she is modeling it.

Isn’t she haute?

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