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From the Queue, part 1

5 intimate things we pay people (not doctors) to do for us (and I’m not speaking of sexy things)

1. Depilatory Waxing — the Brazilian kind primarily, but having your eyebrows waxed is pretty intimate, too.
2. Manicure/Pedicure — they cut your nails, for chrissake. I don’t even cut my husband’s nails.
3. Hair Cuts — especially the part where they shampoo your hair. (Some might find this surprising, but have you ever watched your man get his haircut (and washed!) by a beautiful stylist with gorgeous and soft feminine curves? Didn’t you feel even the teenyist tinyist stab of jealousy?)
4. Massage therapy– kind of a given.
5. Dental hygiene work — they are IN. YOUR. MOUTH. You can’t tell me that’s not intimate.

One thought on “From the Queue, part 1

  1. Well, on number 5, dentists *are* doctors. ;-) Unless you’re talking about the hygienists, but then again, it’s better than having a cavity.

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