Why, oh why, do their bathing suits have to be so tiny?

I mean, honestly.

The men aren’t expected to wear such ridiculous costumes. WTF?!

3 thoughts on “Why, oh why, do their bathing suits have to be so tiny?

  1. Probably the reason the sport is so popular. LOL It’s always one of the hubby’s favorite things to watch. I wouldn’t be able to play well, constantly afraid I was going to flash the audience.

  2. WTF indeed! I’d be more comfortable in a tank top and shorts. It’s just for ratings, I’m sure. Personally, it makes me NOT want to watch.

  3. Playing devils advocate here:

    1) its just the beach culture. Afterall, even outside of volleyball, girls are expected to dressed skimpy, whereas the boys/men are expected to wear long baggy shorts.

    2) lets not forget that these ladies are trained athletes. thier bodies are hard, toned, and fit. they know they look pretty good. and lets face it, as women, we like and we WANT to flaunt our physical assets. Hell, they might not have tits, but they do have fantastic abs, ass, and legs! If I were them, I’d show it off too.

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