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Knitting doesn’t belong everywhere.

A bar in London commissioned two designers to cover their interior with hand knitted and hand knotted cord.

(more photos by Mark Wu)

While I agree that the effect is nothing short of amazing, I can’t help but think that it will be a bitch to clean. Also, they might find they spend an inordinate amount of time untangling the drunks.

(Link via craftzine. Thanks!)

7 thoughts on “Knitting doesn’t belong everywhere.

  1. huh. that’s very strange. not so sure I like the effect, honestly. a little overboard. but them brits are mighty odd at times. must be the english damp.

  2. Eweee, icky! Looks like whorehouse decor. As for the drunks, not to mention the impossible cleaning, you got a point! Perhaps they meant it to disposable decor?

  3. I think I’m sick of socks from the summer of socks, too. Maybe it was the pressure. I was so happy to be finished and can’t even think about more socks right now. Thanks for your comment on my blog, the Volkswagon is a camper, isn’t that funny!

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