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5 New Things

1. I now have two asthma inhalers. One is for maintenance, one is for acute attacks–a rescue. I use a spacer because I am inhaler-challenged. Here’s to better breathing in the weeks to come.

2. I have a new phone. Isn’t it nifty?

3.I finished the Feather and Fan Cardigan. I’m not sure what to do about it. It’s way too big. I wonder if I can shrink the hell out of it in a hot water wash. Any other suggestions?

4. I made the boys zippered coin purses. Isaac needs something for his library card and pocket change. E2 needs one because I-6 has one. It was the first sewing I’ve done since I retired from sewing back in April of last year. It wasn’t all that bad and I actually considered sewing the kids’ Halloween costumes this year. Then I came to my senses and repacked all my sewing regalia and stuffed it back in the closet.

5. The first Wollmeise Sock club shipment arrived today. I now understand what the big deal about Wollmeise is. The yarn is exquisite. The colors are absolutely breathtaking. And the Wollmeise herself is personable and sweet. If heaven were a sock yarn, it would be Wollmeise. (Click through for the photo.)