Over it.

I love knitting socks. Love it. Sock knitting is about as close to instant knitting gratification as you can get. And yet, right now? I’m so over it. These stupid socks I’ve been working on are cursed. Cursed I tell you! First the damn heel didn’t fit over Isaac’s foot, and then I screwed up on my calculations for the number of stitches required to make the stitch pattern bigger. *grumble* So, I decided to set them aside and start another pair of socks for my dad. 1st attempt–gauge issues. 2nd attempt–realization that I have insufficient yarn for the project. *Aaargh!!*

It’s official. I’ve lost my sock knitting mojo for the time being. I’m pretty much out of the running for the Summer of Socks anyway, and I did get four completed pairs in, twice as many as last year. One pair is even intended to be a Christmas gift, so how cool is that? But I can’t take it anymore right now. These socks have killed it for me.

So, now I’m moving on to other projects. [Ravelry] I’ve got the ruffly scarf to finish. And my feather and fan cardigan. I want to do a couple of hats for Christmas also, as well as a pair of Fetching and of Dashing. Ooh, crap. I’ve planned to do socks for my dad and another pair for my husband (argyle?!) as well. Shit man. I need to get organized.

  • Knits for Christmas Gifts
    a scrubbie or two
    1 pair Fetching
    1 pair Dashing
    2 double rib hats
    2 pairs of socks (dammit!!)
  • Eventually
    Soakers and Longies (since we’ve officially made the switch to cloth diapering)
    Tangled Yoke Cardigan
    Indigo Ripples skirt
    Noro wallet
    Sweater of Rassilon

Happy Friday, y’all!

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Knitting doesn’t belong everywhere.

A bar in London commissioned two designers to cover their interior with hand knitted and hand knotted cord.

(more photos by Mark Wu)

While I agree that the effect is nothing short of amazing, I can’t help but think that it will be a bitch to clean. Also, they might find they spend an inordinate amount of time untangling the drunks.

(Link via craftzine. Thanks!)

Whiskers on Wednesday

Whiskers on Wednesday–Link Day!

Sometimes even Doozer is really not that interesting, so today I send you over to the Flickr blog where yesterday they celebrated Kitten Tuesday. My favorite is the mother cat with her newborns. They are sweet and I want to snuggle them.

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This Week at Chez Interrupted

Local sweet corn is teh awesome!
Local sweet corn is teh awesome!
Tendonitis socks at 50% completion
Tendinitis socks at 50% completion
Chez Interrupted is not responsible from injuries related to pouncing cats.
Chez Interrupted is not responsible from injuries incurred due to pouncing cats.
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And Here’s Your Cake

So, the party I mentioned the other day was a tie-dye party. I’ve never done tie-dye before, but I’m sure we’ll do it again! And next time, there will be yarn involved.

IMG_0022 IMG_0023 IMG_0024 IMG_0025

(haha, that last one looks a little like it was in a horror movie, doesn’t it?)


Why, oh why, do their bathing suits have to be so tiny?

I mean, honestly.

The men aren’t expected to wear such ridiculous costumes. WTF?!

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From the Queue, part 1

5 intimate things we pay people (not doctors) to do for us (and I’m not speaking of sexy things)

1. Depilatory Waxing — the Brazilian kind primarily, but having your eyebrows waxed is pretty intimate, too.
2. Manicure/Pedicure — they cut your nails, for chrissake. I don’t even cut my husband’s nails.
3. Hair Cuts — especially the part where they shampoo your hair. (Some might find this surprising, but have you ever watched your man get his haircut (and washed!) by a beautiful stylist with gorgeous and soft feminine curves? Didn’t you feel even the teenyist tinyist stab of jealousy?)
4. Massage therapy– kind of a given.
5. Dental hygiene work — they are IN. YOUR. MOUTH. You can’t tell me that’s not intimate.