So I’ve been thinking a lot about my Feather and Fan Cardigan. It’s definitely too big. There is just no way I can wear it comfortably. I’m pretty sure there are three options:

1. Do nothing and try to sell it for the cost of the yarn and the buttons (around $45). Any takers?

2. Frog and reknit the sweater in the same pattern but a different size.

3. Frog the sweater and use the yarn to knit a completely different sweater. Perhaps this? Or maybe this?

I can’t decide. What would you do?

6 thoughts on “Options

  1. *If* you still love the yarn and it holds up okay to frogging, I’d frog it and knit Hey, Teach. Similar style in that there’s a lace pattern on the bodice, but different shape overall that would prob. be more flattering on your newly smaller — yay for you! — bod.

  2. I vote for re-knitting if you still love the yarn. And I just added the Feb Lady Sweater to my q, even though Hey Teach looks very interesting, too. On the other hand, having knitted the feather and fan once, it’s bound to go very smooth a second time. You know, practice and all….

  3. I say frog it and reknit in a different pattern with a similar lacey aspect. (can’t see the links from my phone). I for one hate redoing the same project, or doing the same thing over again. If I do have to, I always try to change some aspect of it so its just just mindless copying or repetion.

  4. I’m facing a similar dilemma with my Lotus Blossom Tank. Frog and reknit or frog and knit something completely different and maybe use the right yarn for the project?

    The sweater is gorgeous – I’m sure you could sell it.

    I wandered over here via the Nano group on Ravelry :)
    (Poledragon on Nano)

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