My New Favorite Internet Game

Update–> my friend Rima is right. Yahoo’s Babel Fish is WAY more entertaining!

Put some English text into Google’s translator and translate it to Japanese. Then copy and paste the resulting Japanese characters back into the translator and translate form Japanese to English. Awesome!

for example:

Google’s English translation of several types of text to be translated into Japanese. Back to copy and paste the result of the translation into Japanese characters as a form translated into Japanese and English. Awesome!

7 thoughts on “My New Favorite Internet Game

  1. Wierd this is what I got:

    orginal from Pulp fiction: “the path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men.”

    it just doesnt translate well at all.
    A man of justice in all aspects of the path to the tyranny of evil men with inequality and exploitation.

  2. I do this to sent secret notes to people… kind of shy, mysterious, and spy-like. (I did one in Dutch before I got to this site, so had to comment.)

  3. this:
    I’ve been married to my Husband for 3 years and we have two small children
    I have three years of his marriage to her husband’s life, I have two small children

    Ancient male chauvinism at work… I think so! lol

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