The 80’s rule! This was my favorite video and song back in the day and now someone has gone and made it all make sense. Now if I can just find my swatch watches and friendship bracelets, I’ll be all set! (Thanks again, buzzfeed!)

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    That was super awesome. Did you know this was the very first video I ever watched back in the 80s? My friend got MTV and I was sleeping over at her house, and we watched it. It has a special place in my heart forever. <3

  2. I just bought a Swatch a couple of months ago. It’s fab. I wear it every day.

    That video bothered me because I wanted so badly to color it but I couldn’t. It was frustrating.

  3. lol, sad that i did not even have to play it to recognize Ah-Ha’s Take on me! Yes, we’re children of the 80’s for sure!

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