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*Happy Sigh* or, Rhinebeck part 1

Today officially and completely made up for last year’s disappointment that was Rhinebeck. I really had a miserable time last year, due in part to the large, rude surge of humanity that was enormously unfriendly to children in general and strollers in particular. I spent a lot of time over the last year, trying to think what I could have done to make the trip better.

This morning I headed up to Rhinebeck with one kid (the other has been sick) and my TAS. It was just the three of us and we weren’t in any particular hurry to meet anyone there so we were able to enjoy a wonderful and leisurely drive with a stop at *bucks and the bank machine. And, since I’d decided not to bring it, there was no stroller to unload and pack we arrived. We all just hopped out of the car and made for the gates.

We hit the sheep barns first, did a little shopping, and had a light lunch. Then the thought occurred to me that the Yarn Harlot might be there, signing books. She was.

Stephanie is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Seriously. She remembered my name from a book signing she did two years ago. Who does that? Here’s what I wish I’d said this time: Hey, Stephanie! It’s so nice to see you again. Wow, I really love your scarf and sweater! They’re gorgeous. Would you mind holding my sock for a picture? Thank you so much. Are you going to be sitting here for a long time? I was just going to get a cup of coffee, would you like me to bring you one? Did I say that? No, I did the fangirl thing: “Duh, I really enjoy your work. Der.” Lame. And then my turn was over and the line moved me on. Oh well. Next time I’ll practice beforehand. Also, I wish I didn’t look so psychotic in this picture.

Then we got coffee and a hot chocolate (the best ever!), moseyed up to punkin’ chunkin’ and then back through the crowds for more shopping. I talked to the Merlin Tree guy (who, I must say, was looking very dapper in his aran sweater and kilt). E2 wanted to do the haunted hall. Then he changed his mind. Then he wanted to do it. Then he changed his mind again.

On the way out, I came dangerously close to buying a fleece but I remembered that I’d already splurged on something else (positively amazing) and decided to wait and get a fleece next year. Also, I don’t spin (well, not officially anyway). I will have to remedy that.

Traffic was extremely shitty on the way home. We found solace in a bag of kettle corn and a box of fudge, managing to make it through somehow.

I had a completely different mindset this time around. I was far less stressed and therefore had a much, much more enjoyable time. Now I can’t wait until next year.

Tomorrow, Rhinebeck part 2: the haul.

6 thoughts on “*Happy Sigh* or, Rhinebeck part 1

  1. I’m glad you had a better time this year! Sorry we didn’t get to meet; maybe next year I’ll go both days. It would certainly take some of the euphoria out of shopping but at the same time I’d get to see everything in detail!

    I can’t wait to see your haul. :D

  2. wow! Looks like you had a great time! And I have to be jealous yet again.. Sigh. There are no fiber festivals around here. And you’ve met the Harlot TWICE!

    jealous (1000)

    Loves ya lady!


  3. The Yarn Harlot was here a day or 2 before Rhinebeck and I did the same thing. Totally froze up. I even forgot to ask her to hold my sock, I had laid it on the table!

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