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Rhinebeck part 2, the Haul

So, over the last week or so, I decided that the only way I would learn how to spin and get good at it is to just jump right in and start doing it. I had purchased a Turkish drop spindle at the CT Sheep & Wool festival a couple of years ago, along with some fiber to go along with it, but never really picked it up. Then, I did that post about my Great Wheel and after much thought, decided that one day I would spin on that wheel. I joined a couple of spinning groups on ravelry. I watched some awesome videos on YouTube. Finally I had built up enough courage to do some spinning with my drop spindle. (More on that another time.) Fast forward to Rhinebeck, yesterday. Beforehand, I’d made a little mental shopping list:

1)BFL for spinning.



Check. (I am intensely embarrassed to say how much I spent on this single ounce of yarn, but it is definitely safe to assume that it is the reason I was unable to bring home my choice of fleece. The first thing Mr. Interrupted said when I showed it to him was, “yeah, but what are you going to do with it?” I have a few ideas. I would also add that I feel enormously lucky and blessed to be able to splurge on yarn this way.)

Not on the list: a doodad.


4 thoughts on “Rhinebeck part 2, the Haul

  1. My favorite is the doodad.

    And I also am embarrassed on how much you spent on that one ball of yarn. and jealous that you feel free to spend as much as you did on it. :)

  2. I bet I can guess how much you spent on that one ball of yarn! I have drooled over the like, but never had the courage or fortitude to go for it. Excellent for you.

  3. all I’ll say about my own haul is that in typical Jess fashion I went way overboard and now need another bin for under my bed.

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