Another one down

Another long suffering UFO [ravelry] is now off the needles.

Isaac is the model, but the scarf is not for him. Actually, I’m not sure who it’s for. The original intended recipient has since developed a need for other (baby-sized) knitted items so I decided to save this for someone else. Lesson: a lot can happen in 6 months.

2 thoughts on “Another one down

  1. I am so glad you had a better time this year! I came home with little balls of expensive yarn too and that led to the purchase of this. Let me know if you want to take a look at it and/or borrow it. I’m knitting a pretty little scarf from the book in cashllama.
    Nice haul!

  2. Oh, I am THAT jealous! Yes…on account of I don’t have me a cute Isaac. (Actually I have a couple of other “cutes” so only a leetle jealous there.) But — O my writerly-knitterly-bloggerly new friend, YOU. GOT. QUIVIUT!! I mean, I consider it an honor to even KNOW someone (virtually, no less) who has ever really even laid her own natural-born eyepops on the stuff, much less OWNING it. It’s true, the economy’s in the terlet, I expect we’ll be sharing the kibbles with the cats any day now — but oh, I think I might order me one milleportion teetiny bit of Quiviut for my birthday or wossname. KNIT it? Never, it’ll just be a pet to cuddle with and stroke and fondle. Lucky you – and yet, it couldn’t happen to a nicer pal, is my feeling. Oh, and I love me some Yarn Harlot too, isnt’ she a stitch? (pun intended). Also I am glad to know how you look (before NaNo, at least). KNIT ON!

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