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“Gender Analyzing” for blogs.


I am a little curious what they told their AI to look for.

6 thoughts on ““Gender Analyzing” for blogs.

  1. Me thinks there’s no artificial or human analysis at all. It’s just using a random generator and naturally, it’s either right or it’s wrong and it doesn’t give a hoot. It just want’s a large tally of visitors to the page. Everyone’s got a gimmick!

  2. Mine came in as gender neutral (slight preference for female). Funny concept with obviously huge errors. I think your mom is right.

  3. Now, that is WEIRD! I agree with my predecessors; it reminds me of my dear ol’ OB. He had a book, and on the day you got your pregnancy verified he would write in a book, “boy” or “girl”. If he was right, he’d produce the book and say “SEE???” and if he was wrong he’d say he didn’t have the book on him, but he was sure he’d said (whatever it was). However, I finally got caught up on your blog…OK, OK!! I admit it, I’m procrastinating from writing! I’m going to go see what’s in my knitting kit, that looks like fun. Now then…back to work. {yeahright}

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