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Unique Pageant Talent

I like to think that if I were “pageant quality” (you know, like Sarah Palin), I would have a mundane, yet mindbogglingly amazing and weird talent like this.

My favorite part is where the audience claps for her holding up her leg.

3 thoughts on “Unique Pageant Talent

  1. Why do I think one doesn’t “discover they have that talent” so much as one practices such “multiple talents”?
    Lots of people can hop around on one foot in time to music, lots of people can paint to music, I have even known people to paint upside down. How hard is it to combine them together?
    The question is, “Can she paint something besides Bruce Lee, or is she only “talented” enough to paint one picture?
    The clapping for holding up her leg is pretty awesome…..

  2. OK waitaminnit. OK – I’ve watched it three times. Mesmerized. The first time, I thought, “WTF?” Then I drug the husband in here to watch it. And he thought .. “?” Then I watched it again. And I am brought to my knees with the sheer MAGNITUDE of the endless availability of TOTALLY WEIRD one can find on the innerwebs. Thanks for this. I mean, I admit it, I don’t often watch Hawaiian newscasts. (She wanders off, wondering if she SHOULD be watching Hawaiian newscasts………)

  3. DUDE!!

    I kept watching that waiting for it to be something other than a bunch of glops of paint… it wasn’t the talent that won her that competition, it was the delivery! You have no idea what it is until she’s finished! I’ll bet that’s why she was turning the easel… not to show she could paint in all directions (thought that is pretty cool…) but so that the audience doesn’t know what’s hitting them until she spins it for the final time.

    Soooo coool…..

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