Baby Surprise Heretic

I had this whole other post written up about how, even though the BSJ is somewhat of a sacred cow in the blogoknitosphere, that it’s really only an OK knit and that I probably wouldn’t do it again, that the pattern is too much of a PITA (I mean seriously, you shouldn’t have to have a support group and a spread sheet to get through the pattern for a teeny little baby sweater!!) and that the finished knit is really not that cute (sure, it’s cute enough, but there are lots of cute baby sweater patterns out there. Lots.). I wrote that post after I’d finished knitting the sweater but before I’d sewn the sleeves or added buttons or blocked.


Then, I sewed up the seams, attached the little buttons, and blocked it.


I think I’m hooked.  The details are [raveled].

4 thoughts on “Baby Surprise Heretic

  1. I felt the same thing when I started my first one – how can something be so complicated? Frogged it a couple of times, found the spreadsheet useless and only added to my frustration, didn’t get it. Forced my way through for a bit until I could fold the partially knitted piece – then it hit me. EZ is a genius! Wouldn’t you love to have dinner with her just pick her brain? Seriously, how on earth did she come up with something so smart and yet so simple??? Its one of my favorites now…

  2. Jen! It’s lovely!!! Maybe the “surprise” part of the title is just what you experienced with this sweater. Can’t wait to see it in (and on) person!

  3. I think that’s the surprise of it all. I kept looking at mine in progress and wondering how in the world it was going to look like anything a mom would want to put on her baby. lol Then, like you, I got it finished and loved it.

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