Do I lose geek street cred if I could give a flying rat’s ass about Twitter?

Twitter is all the rage right now. Even though it’s been around a while (and so, not exactly newsworthy), it’s suddenly all over the news. Everybody seems to be using Twitter and they can’t shut up about it. NPR programs. Talking heads on CNN. Fictional characters. Cats. I admit, I tried it last year. (I also tried Plurk.) Meh, I say. I mean, I can see why it’s fun and trendy to do this sort of microblogging thing. Even Facebook (with which I have a love/hate relationship) is trying to climb up onto the microblogging bandwagon. But people, do we really need to be connected to teh internetz 24 hours a day, sticking our every banal thought out there into the ether for all to see? Really? This is what we’re all about now? Good gawd, shut off your computer (or your cell phone or what have you) and go outside and look at the sky or read a book or have an actual face-to-face conversation with a living, breathing human being! Or just trying being bored for 5 minutes. What the hell is wrong with being bored? Oh that’s right, nothing.

Oh, and tweet me about it when you get back. I do so enjoy a good 140 character or less update.