life · TMI


While out and about today, I hit a major pothole going very fast sorta fast the exact speed limit and blew my tire out. Which meant I had to pull off a very busy highway into a ghetto not-so-nice busy downtown area and change a flat. This also meant I spent most of the time yelling at telling the children to stay in the car and that no, they may not get out and watch.

After I was finished with the tire and had secured the teeny tiny temporary donut in place, I got back onto the highway just in time to witness a hawk swoop under an overpass to capture a pigeon (cool), only to be struck and killed by the car in front of me a split-second later (not so cool). I drove past the poor pigeon, who’d miraculously survived the hawk and subsequent car strike, trying to limp away. It was unceremoniously squashed by the car behind me a few seconds later. I glimpsed the spray of feathers in my rear view mirror.

Sears didn’t have my tire, so I had to go to Goodyear, about 5 miles up the road from there. They didn’t have the tire either, but could get it from the warehouse. I waited the 2 hours in their lobby with my grumpy/hungry/tired kidlet. When I went up to pay, they told me that I’d damaged the wheel rim and would need a new one from the dealer.

On the way back to pick up the other kidlet, I decided to pick up some fast food. I had a severe IBS attack about 2 hours later.

There was some other stuff, which I’m not going to go into detail about, but you can rest assured that it was just as craptastic as the rest.

Here’s hoping that tomorrow is better.