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I Survived the Aporkalypse (probably).

I say probably because at no time was I tested for the H1N1 virus. That said, I did come down with influenza. Well, I assume that was the one which got me, and my doctor (with whom I spoke on the phone) agreed. Although it could have been the other, seasonal, flu which is also going around. I can tell you this, though. Having the flu sucks, but as far as flus go, this particular flu wasn’t all that horrific. I felt like I was hit by a truck, yes, but only for a day and a half or so. The rest of the week I felt like I was recovering–slowly getting better. So what did I do? I rested.

Check it out. I made another dishrag for my TAS:

I started a dishrag for myself:

And I finished my first handspun:

So, fear not the Hamthrax (or seasonal flu)! Most people who get it, like me, do not die.

4 thoughts on “I Survived the Aporkalypse (probably).

  1. We need a pig flu survivors ravelry group! HAMTHRAX SURVIVORS UNITE! (nice, btw)

    The handspun is so pretty and consistent! Yay!

    Dalek dishrag. Must do that one, soon. After I finish one of those gloves. And this pillow. Which I’ve frogged at least three times. And the grocery bag that was supposed to be a Mother’s Day gift… O.o I think I could finish my thesis, if it weren’t for my knitting… But, yay, Daleks!

  2. Ohhhh, another Dr. Who fan/knitter! Love the handspun! Do you still have your great wheel? My DH, sister and some wonderful friends of ours all chipped in and bought me a great wheel for my birthday! :-) I’ve been wanting to learn to spin for a while now, and I’m itching to try it! Have you come across any books or resources about spinning on a great wheel?

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