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O Hai!

So it’s been nearly a month since I last posted here. Anywhere really. Not only have I been feeling sarcastically uninspired, but there has been a sarcastic amount of family drama over the last couple of weeks. Also, Michael Jackson died. Thank god for knitting.

6 thoughts on “O Hai!

  1. Sorry to hear about the family drama! I hope everything is better. Love the socks! Or, should I say, socks in progress?

  2. Yay, dry socks! S. Michael Jackson is really fucking irritating. There are probably 3 channels on tv that can be classified as “The Michael Jackson Channel.” He’s dead. It’s over. There is nothing more to report. Stupid media. Yay, knitting! I’m halfway down the cuff of my second sock, and the first one fits beautifully. [happy dance] I should go work on that mofo. The KAL is over in 6 days. Stupid sarcastically dramatic family. Honestly, you need a sarcastic theater group to get it out of everyone’s system.

  3. I recognize a Silver Lining when I see it….or *them*. Those are some mighty-fine socks! Socks are on my List of “I’m-going-to-take-this-along-to-knit-in-the-car-en-route-to-Montana.” You’ve inspired me……

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