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Feeling a little off…

Perhaps because of the recent drama we’ve been through here, I’ve been feeling a little down. In addition,

  • I paid $58 for a haircut that made me wish I’d done it myself with a flowbee.
  • Stoopid asthma. I’m going to friend asthma on Facebook just so I can fucking unfriend it. And block it too.
  • I am more angry that I (perhaps) ought to be about the outcome of the Torchwood “Children of Earth” series.
  • The disagree wank* on Ravelry has really gotten to me.
  • This made me cry.

I’m depressed people. Last weekend, we stopped at Hammonasset Beach state park on the way home from the Guilford Art Festival. It made me happy to be near the ocean and was the first time in many weeks that I felt balanced and at peace.** I think a return trip is in order. Besides, the kids had a good time too.

Dig it, yo!

*when somebody on Ravelry whines about their disagree button being clicked. “Whaaa! Why did you disagree with me? You must be a troll!!!”
**well, except that I came home with a sunburn… luckily that healed pretty quickly though. Thank you aloe vera spray-with-lidocaine!