It’s -2 Vortex of Time Suck.

But SO worth it. Watch The Guild, starring Felicia Day (of Dr. Horrible fame). It’s well written and extremely funny. After you’ve watched all the episodes, be sure to watch the amazing music video “Do You Wanna Date My Avatar”. Yay internet!

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I see it’s been an entire week since my last post. Good Lord, what is this world coming to? And to think that only a couple of weeks ago, I was considering making August my NaBloPoMo month (guess that’s not going to happen). In my defense, this week has been busy busy busy. We went to the lake 2 times this week, as well as the sprinkler park one day. Throw in the weekly marketing and a trip to the library and boy-howdy if that doesn’t make me too busy for blogging, well, I don’t know what else does. Whatever. You aren’t here for stories about my boring life, you come for my awesome knitting insights and hilarious witticisms. Sadly, I’ve none of those either. Not today, anyhow. I do have a photo of some finished knitting.


These are a set of sand dollar washcloths I knitted up as part of a thank you gift. I cast the first one on yesterday at the lake and finished the third one this morning while enjoying The Daily Show over a cup of coffee.

Now, guess who got a bunch of lace books at the library today! Me, that’s who! I’m off to learn (from a book) the art of designing circular lace shawls. I may not post for another week, so… cheers!

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Watch out for the lace bug, it bites!

I’ve spent a lot of knitting time over the past couple of weeks, poring over circular shawl projects on Ravelry. And stitch dictionaries. And old doily patterns. Because I am crazy. I want to design my own circular shawl, even though I am lace noob. So consumed am I by my passion for this, that I made a special trip to a bookstore to pick up another copy of book I already own (but is in storage). And now, this morning, in the light of day, I see that the yarn I have selected will not work for this project (it’s too stripey, too pooley), so I am shopping for alpaca laceweight (knitpicks has a nice selection, but I think I want something in a natural color). O lace! Thou temptress! Thy siren song enchants, thy holey stitches entwine! Now, if you will excuse me, I have an itch that must be scratched.

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No Post Title This Time.

Dear Blog, I know it’s been a few days since my last post. Things around here have been busy. Over the weekend we all went to the Shore, staying with Mr. Interrupted’s aunt and uncle (and a couple of cousins) in their gorgeous house a mere block from the beach.

It was like a dream. Imagine rolling out of bed into your bathing suit and strolling down to the ocean after a quick breakfast. Lunchtime? Just pop back to the house for a quick bite to eat and maybe a nap before heading back. Everything about it was just wonderful. The boys had a marvelous time.

I7 learned how to boogie board (and he doesn’t even know how to swim!) and E3 and I had a grand time playing in the surf together and collecting shells. The boys dug a great big hole.

(down to the water table, which, frankly, I didn’t know was possible)

I knitted.

I couldn’t ask for a more perfect vacation.


And here’s some yarn I made

My 2nd handspun:

I’m still trying to get the hang of it but I’m still pleased with the end result, lumpy-bumpy though it may be. And now, for my next trick, processing a raw fleece for spinning. If we ever get some non-rainy weather. Maybe in September?

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Fairy Dust Dreams

Isaac had to have two baby teeth extracted the other day so you know what that means–a visit from the tooth fairy! For some reason, our tooth fairy thought it would be a fun and good idea if she left superfine glitter fairy dust all over the sink in the bathroom (also, the floor). Why the bathroom sink you ask? When Isaac lost his first tooth, there were all sorts of questions I wasn’t really prepared to answer. The tooth fairy is not the same as Santa, you see. Santa is easy. It’s pretty well established where Santa comes from and how he gets in your house and what he does when he gets there. The tooth fairy, however, that’s a different story all together and, frankly, I didn’t have a firmly established mythos about the tooth fairy to answer the questions that came up when they came up. So I improvised. And what do you get when you improvise? A tooth fairy that enters and exits the house through the drain in the sink.