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I see it’s been an entire week since my last post. Good Lord, what is this world coming to? And to think that only a couple of weeks ago, I was considering making August my NaBloPoMo month (guess that’s not going to happen). In my defense, this week has been busy busy busy. We went to the lake 2 times this week, as well as the sprinkler park one day. Throw in the weekly marketing and a trip to the library and boy-howdy if that doesn’t make me too busy for blogging, well, I don’t know what else does. Whatever. You aren’t here for stories about my boring life, you come for my awesome knitting insights and hilarious witticisms. Sadly, I’ve none of those either. Not today, anyhow. I do have a photo of some finished knitting.


These are a set of sand dollar washcloths I knitted up as part of a thank you gift. I cast the first one on yesterday at the lake and finished the third one this morning while enjoying The Daily Show over a cup of coffee.

Now, guess who got a bunch of lace books at the library today! Me, that’s who! I’m off to learn (from a book) the art of designing circular lace shawls. I may not post for another week, so… cheers!

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