Good day, bad day.

Good day: Overnight, I made broth from the carcass and bones of last night’s leftover turkey. I woke this morning to the most delicious aroma of rich turkey broth which I then made into an easy turkey-noodle soup for tonight’s dinner.

Bad day: We had the HVAC guy over to do our annual tune up of the heating system and while he was here I had him take a peek at our hot water heater (which has been seeping water for a little while). It turns out that the upper heating element is totally corroded and therefore the whole hot water heater must be replaced ASAP (as in tomorrow and there’s no hot water tonight) before a catastrophe occurs.

Good day: A hot water heater catastrophe has not occurred up to this point.

Bad day: Preventing a future hot water heater catastrophe costs a lot of money.

Good day: While we don’t have the cash on hand in the form of savings, cash can be gotten relatively easily in the form of credit.

Bad day: This means more debt. :-(

Good day: The turkey soup was awesome.

3 thoughts on “Good day, bad day.

  1. I like how the theme of hot water permeates both the good and bad. Makes it more poignant. Sorry about the debt. That is more hot water.

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