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Here’s a Thing

I heard about this project from Ellen at and Allison at SpinDyeKnit on this week’s “Resurgence of Knitting” hour of On Point w/ Tom Ashbrook. It’s the Warm Hats Not Hot Heads project.

[I] invite any and all knitters who would like to join in to knit a hat (sizing information here) for their own congressional representative, whether Senate or House.  Ask them to email me, perhaps send a photo or link to a Ravelry project, and let me know to whom a hat has been sent.  I can track who is being covered (literally!) and if anyone wants to knit more than one hat, they can send them to me and I’ll handle mailing them to a rep who hasn’t received one yet.

I will be knitting a hat for my Representative, Chris Murphy, and I might just make one for the Republican Mayor of my town (who’s twitter and FB feeds are often havens for Democrat bashing). Groups for the project can be found both on Ravelry and on Facebook. If you do participate, please be sure to email Ellen so she can check off your congress person. :-)

2 thoughts on “Here’s a Thing

  1. One of the side benefits of WHNHH is that I am connecting with all these great knitters and their blogs! Thanks for mentioning the effort, and especially for joining in.

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