10 on Tuesday

10 on Tuesday (with 100% more parantheses!)

Today’s 10 on Tuesday is brought to you by booze! I admit to not being much of a drinker now-a-days. Many liquors just don’t agree with my Celiac’s disease, and often my favorite drinks (from days gone by) had milk in them (which doesn’t agree w/ my lactose intolerance). But I can remember the day (not all that long ago) when I could (and did!) knock back a few like a pro. I could also shoot a mean game of pool. So here, in no particular order, are my 10 favorite Cocktails:

  1. Frozen Margarita (nice and slushy!)
  2. Frozen Mudslide (a boozy milkshake full of AWESOME!)
  3. Root beer Float (Kahlua, cream, splash of coke. Tastes EXACTLY like a root beer float)
  4. Amaretto Sour (yum!)
  5. Vodka Collins (Nothing beats a basic drink. Also, they’re cheap!)
  6. Mimosa (Barely a cocktail, I know, but still a favorite!)
  7. Vodka-Cranberry (another cheap-o basic drink, but still yummy!0
  8. Tequila shots (I guess this isn’t a cocktail precisely, but I sure did love the whole salt-tequila-lime ritual)
  9. Sloe Gin Fizz (how I loved me some sloe gin)
  10. Fuzzy Navel (last on the list for a reason)

I see now that I was kind of a cheap drunk. (Hah!) Well, what can I say? (I was a poor college student!) Anyway, happy (boozy) Tuesday everyone!

2 thoughts on “10 on Tuesday (with 100% more parantheses!)

  1. ROTFL Well, you call it a cheap drunk, I call it being thrifty. ; ) I used to like mixed drinks, but now days I lean more toward a nice glass of wine.

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