10 on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday: Gluten-Free (also Dairy Free) edition!

Apologies for the lateness of today’s post! It’s been one of those days. So! Ten on Tuesday! This week’s topic is 10 favorite snacks and since I went gluten-free (also dairy free) last year, I spend a good-sized chunk of my time searching out gluten-free (also dairy free) snacks. SO! Here are my 10 favorite gluten-free (also dairy free) snacks!

1. Veggie Straws: Love them when I am craving salty crunchy snacks!
2. Popcorn: Another salty favorite! I oil pop mine on the stove the old-fashioned way. Mmm
3. These Chocolate Chip Cookies: So hard not to eat the whole batch in one sitting.
4. Coconut Yogurt: Pricey, but oh so delicious. (I’m trying to work out how to make my own in the crockpot.)
5. Bananas: Cheap, Perfect, portable, potassium. Eat them up, yum.
6. Any kind of fruit, really. I love watermelon, blackberries, apples, pears, rainier cherries, really good peaches. Oh my goodness, I cannot wait until the summer PYO season.
7. Nuts: Cashews are a favorite, but also almonds or brazil nuts or pecans.
8. Celery sticks: I like them smeared with peanut butter or (tofu!) cream cheese. One of these days I’ll mix up some dairy free ranch dip.
9. Orange Juice: does juice count as a snack? OJ is the perfect pick-me-up and goes well with a banana or a handful of cashews for a quick and filling mini-meal.
10. Herbal tea: ever since I gave up caffeine, I’ve been drinking a lot of herbal tea with honey. Mint in the morning and afternoon, and delicious Sleepytime Extra in the evening.

So that’s Ten on Tuesday for this week! What are your favorite snacks, gluten-free or otherwise?

10 on Tuesday

10 on Tuesday (with 100% more parantheses!)

Today’s 10 on Tuesday is brought to you by booze! I admit to not being much of a drinker now-a-days. Many liquors just don’t agree with my Celiac’s disease, and often my favorite drinks (from days gone by) had milk in them (which doesn’t agree w/ my lactose intolerance). But I can remember the day (not all that long ago) when I could (and did!) knock back a few like a pro. I could also shoot a mean game of pool. So here, in no particular order, are my 10 favorite Cocktails:

  1. Frozen Margarita (nice and slushy!)
  2. Frozen Mudslide (a boozy milkshake full of AWESOME!)
  3. Root beer Float (Kahlua, cream, splash of coke. Tastes EXACTLY like a root beer float)
  4. Amaretto Sour (yum!)
  5. Vodka Collins (Nothing beats a basic drink. Also, they’re cheap!)
  6. Mimosa (Barely a cocktail, I know, but still a favorite!)
  7. Vodka-Cranberry (another cheap-o basic drink, but still yummy!0
  8. Tequila shots (I guess this isn’t a cocktail precisely, but I sure did love the whole salt-tequila-lime ritual)
  9. Sloe Gin Fizz (how I loved me some sloe gin)
  10. Fuzzy Navel (last on the list for a reason)

I see now that I was kind of a cheap drunk. (Hah!) Well, what can I say? (I was a poor college student!) Anyway, happy (boozy) Tuesday everyone!

10 on Tuesday · meme

10 on Tuesday goes up to 11

It’s Tuesday again so you know what that means, fair reader! It’s meme day!  This week’s topic, from the ever lovely CaroleKnits, is 10 Favorite Non-Knitting Blogs. My list goes up to eleven. Eleven!!!!!11!!!!!!!

1. BipolarLawyerCook: She used to blog about being a lawyer, but has since mothballed her JD and taken a job in retail. Sometimes she posts poems. Also recipes. It’s always good.

2. Gluten Free Girl and the Chef: I started following her blog when I learned I was gluten intolerant (and likely have Celiac’s disease!). She writes beautifully and takes amazing pictures of food. What’s not to love?

3. Hyperbole and a Half: A kind of web comic, with funny stories told hilariously with silly pictures. If you’ve never read it, start here.

4. Kate Harding: Kate Harding is a feminist who used to blog about Fat Acceptance and other stuff at Shapely Prose. When SP had sort of run its course, she started a personal blog about fat and other lefty feminist issues. I enjoy her writing very much.

5. Lesson’s Learned: My Totally Awesome Sister’s blog is really fantastic (when she’s blogging) and her posts never cease to make me proud to be her sister. Furthermore, I would read her blog even if I weren’t her sister.

6. My Cat is a Jerk: This is a blog that was really hilarious for a while but has gone quiet for a few months. You could probably read all 34 reasons in under an hour and laugh your ass off. Maybe she’ll even do another post one day.

7. Sleep Talkin’ Man: Adam’s nighttime ramblings recorded and posted on the blog by his wife Karen. Seriously? Best idea EVER.

8. The Rejectionist: LeR used to work for a literary agent (I think), rejecting author queries, but she very recently “did that thing which you should never, ever, ever do”. She quit her day job to write a book! Also, she’s a fabulous writer and her blog makes me laugh.

9. Tiger Beatdown: Another leftist feminist blog, well written. Team Tiger Beatdown is on top of the important issues.

10. Two Whole Cakes: A Fat Acceptance feminist blog, extremely well written. Lesley, is smart, funny, and sarcastic. Also, she’s fat. Sometimes her posts are a bit teal for my poor ADHD addled brain, but I still enjoy them very much. She also does a podcast with another Fat Acceptance blogger (TheRotund) which never ceases to educate and entertain.

11. Bonus! Whatever: John Scalzi is the author of Old Man’s War (if you haven’t read this series, GO NOW). His blog is funny, moving, and just an all around damn fine blog.

Not a bad list, and only one blog which has gone quiet over the last few months. You can read current posts from the feeds of  all my favorite bloggers over in the side bar (just scroll down).

Happy Tuesday to all!