Random Thursday

1. I wore my new sweater out today. It was pretty awesome.

2. I took the chicken purse out in public today too. That was also pretty awesome.

3. Without a new smallish project to work on, I took my sister’s shawl to the park to work on.

4. I managed 2 rows.

5. I think I screwed one of them up.

6. I am prowling Ravelry for projects.

7. I need something smallish and portable that isn’t socks.

8. Not sure why I don’t want to knit socks, but there you go.

9. I’m thinking I’ll do some stash diving this weekend.

10. Or maybe tomorrow.

11. Once I decide what I’ll be casting on.

How was your day?



3 thoughts on “Random Thursday

  1. My day was so freakin’ awesome, I could burst. Srsly. Old friends, good work, excellent exercise, delicious healthy food, invigorating playtime (hooping!), weekend planning. Damn good stuff.

    Off to see the chicken purse. I must’ve missed that one!

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