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The Sweater Killer is Serial

Very nearly a year ago this happened. Well, it happened again, only this time it was to this sweater.

I’m so upset, I don’t even have the words. I swear, I didn’t wash it any differently this last time than I have since the day I finished it. I put it in the water (lukewarm!) and it was only slightly fuzzed, and when I pulled it out it was felted. I don’t know if it’s my washing machine, agitating my wool on the sly, or if it got too jostled when I pressed it down into the water, or if it’s the crappy Wool of the Andes yarn. Blaaargh, I’m so frustrated and sad for my sweater. I loved it so much. :-(

7 thoughts on “The Sweater Killer is Serial

  1. did you run it thru a cycle? or just use the washer as a tub that fills with water and turn it to spin after a good soak? (I don’t ask to be snarky. some machines say “delicate” leading the human setting it to think for delicates like wool cause it’s delicate, when in actuality, there is agitation, wools biggest nemesis)

    If you do the second, then I say it’s the shitty Wool of the Andes.

    either way, very very sorry!!!!!

    1. I did the second thing. I filled it with water and pulled the thingy out so the cycle was disengaged. Then I turned the dial to spin it out. The most agitation it got was the spinning. And also when I pressed it down. I’m pretty sure it’s the WotA. :-(

  2. oh….so sad! So much work you put into it for so little wearing time. Maybe the spin cycle was just too much agitation?

  3. well damn! soaking and spinning definitely shouldn’t have been a problem. I go with shitty WotA! Sorry for your poor sweater and thanks for the reminder of what not to buy ;)

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