Today marked the anniversary of my birth, the commemoration of another ride on this rock around the sun. Generally this has been a decent year and honestly I have very few complaints. I have two wonderful little boys who bring me so much joy, and a wonderful supporting and indulging husband who never complains about my knitting habit or my internet usage. I have so many wonderful friends on Facebook who wished me a happy birthday on my wall (as an aside, I really love getting birthday wishes on my FB wall, it’s such a small, easy thing and it’s so touching). We have enough money, enough food, enough of enough things that our lives are generally stress-free. If I had any complaints about this past year, it would be that I’ve struggled with fatigue for the last few months, really crushing fatigue. I’ve tried so many things, various vitamins and minerals, oxygen therapy (that was fun), I gave up coffee and evening television. The only thing that has helped even a little was when my pulmonologist reduced my asthma medication by half. So, for the last couple of weeks I have been feeling slightly less fatigued (and slightly more asthmatic). Not 100% like myself, but I’m getting there. So, 38 whole trips around the sun completed and another one begun. Here’s to a great 39th year. Happy birthday to me. :-)

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