Nothing To See Here

The good news is the apocalypse hasn’t happened (although I did find some lovely alpaca lips). The bad news is I didn’t do much of interest today to really justify a blog post. Sadly, I’m well and truly committed to this post a day thing, to my detriment (and yours), I’m starting to think. Is there anyone out there reading this drivel? Anyhoo, I have ideas for the blog, but ideas take motivation and motivation is in rather short supply around here as of late. Most of my ideas are “week of” ideas. “Week of Memes” or “Week of Cats”, for example. But if I am posting every single day, how long is the week? And when does it start? So many questions which require such deep and intensive thought. Ugh, am I going to be able to keep this up for another 7 months? I honestly don’t know.

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