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Reinventing Halloween

A few years ago, we figured out that the kids and I all had various food allergies and intolerances. Isaac’s allergies were especially bad since they included peanut and soy. That Halloween we took the boys trick or treating anyway, figuring that we would be able to pick out the candy they COULD eat and they would have fun anyway. Except that night it was POURING rain. We went house to house anyway, like good little candy extortionists, in our costumes and raincoats, and collected a couple of sackfuls of candy. Then we went home to sort. You guys, it was so sad. Of all the candy we were given, there were only a few pieces the boys could eat. Everything else had soy. Or peanuts. Or wheat. It was an incredibly disappointing and miserable evening.

After that we didn’t much feel like trick or treating anymore, so instead we had to come up with a way to celebrate Halloween that didn’t involve trick or treats. I spent a lot of time thinking about what the kids liked the most about Halloween, aside from the going house to house. Costumes, candy, pumpkin carving. And so that’s what we do, except I added staying up late and watching movies. Here’s what our Halloween looked like tonight.

We had Frankenbeans for dinner:

And then pumpkins were carved:

Then we had cupcakes (instead of candy this year because of Isaac’s braces):

And now we are staying up late watching movies. Right now we are watching Megamind. The kids are lolling about in their costumes, sugared up (as they are meant to be on Halloween night). I admit to missing the trick or treating, a little, and I’m sure the kids do too, but it’s been a great evening, relaxing and fun, which we have spent together. And I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

Happy Halloween, however you’ve celebrated!

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  1. Cute! I have to admit, Drama Llama was a little disappointed with how much she had to pass on because of her braces this year. She worked out a deal with her brother where they trade out for things that she can have.

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