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Well, hey there!

Wow, it’s already 11pm. I just got back from orchestra (well, about an hour ago I did, but I had to do some things before I could get to the computer).  It was our dress rehearsal for the concert which is on Sunday. What a great rehearsal we had! We sounded awesome! I counted all my counted measures properly and I didn’t miss any of my entrances. You should’ve been there! Because, of course, you know that we’ve jinxed ourselves for the concert and we’re going to totally suck. /sigh/

I was going to snap a picture, but of course I forgot my camera. FURTHER! I’m embarrassed to say that I can’t think of a way to wrap up this post, so I will just say GOOD NIGHT! And I’ll see you tomorrow. Cheers!

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Saturday in Pictures


E5 in the hair chair

Thyme/rosemary/oregano from Trader Joe’s on the left, lavender from the Sheep & Wool festival on the right. (the center pot is waiting for flowers)

Mother’s Day sushi dinner. E5, always in motion.

Happy Saturday everyone!

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Oh My Would You Look at the Time!

Yup, it’s late. After 11pm and I still don’t have a blog post up. IN ADDITION! I am having an incredibly difficult time coming up with something to blog about. AND SO!  To that end, something completely and utterly random: my to-do list for tomorrow.

1. Get to the bottom of the laundry hamper. I know this is a tough one, especially for this family of four, but I’m this close…

2. Get my hair cut. I actually cannot remember the last time I had a hair cut, which definitely means it’s time for at least a trim. My appointment’s at 1 pm.

3. Give the mister a hair cut. Always fun. BZZZZZT!

4. Get the boys’ hair cut. Every one’s looking a little shaggy here, I guess.

5. Get the herb plants I bought this week planted into my containers. I’m not a very good gardener, but I like to at least make a token effort this time of year.

6. Get at least 1 pattern repeat of my sister’s shawl done. I’ve managed to do 2 repeats so far, so there’s only 10 more to go!

What do you all have to get done this weekend?

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In which I learn that Celebrity Dream Theater is not the same as reality.

This morning I had really strange dream that I was riding the bus to … somewhere and Lady Gaga was on the bus, singing. It was followed by a really crazy science-fictiony dream (coming soon to a NaNoWriMo near you!), so the Lady Gaga dream is kind of hazy now, but I do remember that she seemed like a pretty fun person to hang out with while riding a bus. Then I watched her new video, Judas and realized that I am extremely happy to unlikely ever be riding on the same bus as Lady Gaga.

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Weird Searches Land Here Again

Browsing my site stats today, because I am geeky like that, I found some strange search terms pointing at my blog.

1. Carpets Don’t Eat People. No, no they do not. And THANK GOODNESS for that.

2. Bad Boys For Life. Um, I’m pretty sure they did not find what they were looking for here.

3. Evar. That’s right, EVAR!!!

4. Call in Sick. Here is a handy flowchart to help you answer this question. (via.)

I hope you Seekers found what you were looking for!


Random Thursday

1. I wore my new sweater out today. It was pretty awesome.

2. I took the chicken purse out in public today too. That was also pretty awesome.

3. Without a new smallish project to work on, I took my sister’s shawl to the park to work on.

4. I managed 2 rows.

5. I think I screwed one of them up.

6. I am prowling Ravelry for projects.

7. I need something smallish and portable that isn’t socks.

8. Not sure why I don’t want to knit socks, but there you go.

9. I’m thinking I’ll do some stash diving this weekend.

10. Or maybe tomorrow.

11. Once I decide what I’ll be casting on.

How was your day?



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Speaking of Dreams Being Weird

I have this recurring dream where I’m on a large airplane, and the plane is trying to take off, but for whatever reason, the pilot is unable to get it far enough off the ground to clear a nearby mountain range. The plane is forced to land in the forest on this huge mountain, and there are airport workers all over (you know, the guys with the ear protection and the reflective vests and the flashlights) directing us back to the airport. In my dream, I’m always making friendly chit-chat with another passenger as we walk first through the forest and then down through a series of staircases back to the airport where, I’m assuming, we’ll board another plane. This morning while I was dreaming this, I connected it somehow to another dream I’d had earlier of having a baby, and as I was waking up I remember thinking (as I descended the series of staircases) that I had left my one day old newborn at home without pumping any milk.

I did a quick Google search of this (and other recurring dreams I’ve had) and am always surprised at how many people report similar dreams (even the chewing gum dream appears to be a common one!). I’m not sure what the dream is trying to tell me, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have anything to do with erectile dysfunction.