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Speaking of Dreams Being Weird

I have this recurring dream where I’m on a large airplane, and the plane is trying to take off, but for whatever reason, the pilot is unable to get it far enough off the ground to clear a nearby mountain range. The plane is forced to land in the forest on this huge mountain, and there are airport workers all over (you know, the guys with the ear protection and the reflective vests and the flashlights) directing us back to the airport. In my dream, I’m always making friendly chit-chat with another passenger as we walk first through the forest and then down through a series of staircases back to the airport where, I’m assuming, we’ll board another plane. This morning while I was dreaming this, I connected it somehow to another dream I’d had earlier of having a baby, and as I was waking up I remember thinking (as I descended the series of staircases) that I had left my one day old newborn at home without pumping any milk.

I did a quick Google search of this (and other recurring dreams I’ve had) and am always surprised at how many people report similar dreams (even the chewing gum dream appears to be a common one!). I’m not sure what the dream is trying to tell me, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have anything to do with erectile dysfunction.

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