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Some Things: An Update

1. When we finally ventured out after TS Irene blew through, we discovered a tree down on our street:

Thankfully, it was considerate enough to fall away from the wires. We would have certainly lost power if it had fallen the other way.

2. Today, I made one of these:

What is it, you ask?

A Kindle cover for my new Kindle (which arrived just this week)! I used this pattern from Etsy and I am so happy with it. I am also happy with my Kindle. Now I can take all my books wherever I go, and in a stylish cover too. I love living in the future!

3. I have a bunch of stuff on the Kindle, but right now I am reading Boneshaker by Cherie Priest. Steampunk/Zombies=awesome!

4. I have made serious progress on my sister’s shawl! I have only half repeat of the tiny triangles left to go! And then it’s on to the edge! I’m so thrilled and excited I can’t tell you. No pictures, right now though. It still looks like a blue blob.

5. It’s Labor Day weekend! Thank a union.


It Was a Sewing Kind of Day

As much as I am loving my chicken purse, and I am LOVING it, it was so difficult to find anything within its vast inner cavern. So, I picked up some coordinating fabrics at Joann’s and dug out my sewing machine. First I made a wallet, riffing (as I tend to do) on this tutorial from Babyangel. (I used her alternate zipper instructions, found here.)

(top-stitching a pocket)

(completed wallet, unfolded)

(completed wallet folded and in better light)

It just needs a snap or some other form of closure. I am so thrilled with how it came out!

Then I got some fabric bits leftover from making knitting project bags and made something else.

(I love that fabric.)

What is it you ask?

It’s one of these, of course!

And it works smashingly!

(inside the henbag).

Whew! A wonderful and productive sewing day!


Instead of knitting

Yesterday, while I was pouting about the Facebook Kills!! socks, I dragged out my sewing machine and started a pair of summer pants for me and then quickly moved on to drawstring project bags. Aren’t they cute?

These little bags are great. I bet you can’t make just one. Why yes, I am an enabler, why do you ask?