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The End

I finished Harry Potter 7 today and I will only say that it was a wonderful and satisfying book (no spoilers here!). I would also like to offer my thoughts on actual reading vs. listening to the audio book which was obtained by Mr. Interrupted for me so I would not have to interrupt my sock knitting (hah).

I do enjoy the weight of a book in my hand and the feel and sound of the of the pages as I turn them, but listening to the audio book really allowed me to savor the story and absorb it in a way that I wouldn’t have if I’d read the book. Since I tend to be a fast reader and often rush through my reading so quickly that I barely remember what I’ve read after I’ve read it, listening to the audio book forced me to slow down and really take in the story as I heard it. This was especially true toward the end, as the steam-train of the plot began to pick up speed and rush downhill toward the climax and conclusion of the story. If I were reading, I would have rushed along with it. However, with the audio book I had to slow up and I believe my enjoyment of the story was enhanced by this.

Many object to audio books on the basis that the voice of the reader tends to be an imposition upon their own imaginations, but I do not believe this to be the case. I found Jim Dale to be a talented and entertaining reader and the voices he used for the characters only expanded and complimented my imaginings of them.

Finally I would like to apologize to Boing Boing! for cursing them in a recent post. I thought for sure they’d posted a spoiler. My bad. I hope you can forgive me.

3 thoughts on “The End

  1. Hey Jen!

    Glad you liked it! I agree..I found it very satisfying…although, I can’t believe how many died…Sigh. But I suppose there had to be losses. Oh well. Good read/listen!

  2. I’ve heard really good things about the Potter audiobooks. I listen to them quite often actually b/c I get motion sickness easily. I got hooked when I was commuting by train every day.

    I think a good narrator enhances the audio book, and I especially recommend “Eat, Pray, Love” b/c the author reads it herself. However, a couple of them have been completely ruined b/c the narrator’s voice bugged me so much, but that’s rare.

  3. Sigh. I really liked Harry Potter and I really enjoyed book 7. I rushed through it (as best as a slow reader can) and just immersed myself. What a wonderful indulgence! It was like a little vacation. Of course after I finished I was left wanting more or to re-live them once again. But my pile ot want to read is just too big.

    When Amelia said that she really didn’t like Harry Potter I suddenly realized that I have been a very bad mother. She had only seen the movies. Then I got a wonderful inspiration! I said that I would try reading her the first book to see if she liked it. I explained that the books were just so much more fun than the movies. Richer, funnier and fuller. She assented but only because I was going to read it to her — a big indulgence for the middle child. Of course it was not al all selfless on my behalf. I was going to have an excuse to read the first book again!

    We set off and she was hooked. The little rat stayed up and read ahead. I had to read from HER spot the next night! Then I sneezed and she finished the book and has now plunged into the 2nd. Of course I am thrilled that she is enjoying them and excited about them. But now I am back to feeling sad and living with my longing to re-read them all. I could wait for Elinor to grow up a little more. Or I could be inspired by you and buy a Jim Dale audiobook for our upcoming vacation drive…

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