Jaywalkers Done!

I finished the Jaywalkers for my MIL yesterday.

Yarn: Tofutsies
Color: #733
Needles: 2 mm

A fun pattern and an excellent yarn. They are beautiful and soft and I think she will love them.

After I wove in all of the ends, I cast on these (again!) for my FIL.

These were originally going to be Jaywalkers, but that didn’t work out. Then they were going to be plain old double ribbed socks. I wasn’t too thrilled with that either. Now I am doing two socks at a time in a 5×1 rib. I’m going to call them Toe-up Tigers.

A note on knitting my first two-at-a-time-toe-up pair. I can’t help but think they look like boobs.


6 thoughts on “Jaywalkers Done!

  1. Marla says:

    When I posted a similar pic of my first 2 at a time toe up socks I got a comment that they looked like boobs. Now every time I see that pic all I can think of is they look like boobs, not socks.

  2. KnelleyBelley says:

    Love your jaywalkers and your boobs – I mean Toe-up Tigers. I’ve only knit socks on dpns and really want to try circulars. Then I see you doing 2 socks on 1 circ . . . yikes. Is it difficult?

  3. KnelleyBelley says:

    Forgot to mention that we both went to see the Yarn Harlot. Such a great speaker – so funny and so entertaining. So glad I went.

  4. Alexandra says:

    That is so strange! I guess I have never seen tiger stripped boobs. I need to spend more time in locker rooms or something.

    But they do look great! Even for boobs.

  5. Jennifer says:

    You are really taking this summer of socks thing seriously. You are my hero. I keep getting sidetracked, but your Jaywalkers may just inspire me to get back on track. They’re beautiful.

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