Cat Update

The cat is not yet toilet trained, but we’re getting there. My first choice training method would have been great, but it involved me having to catch him using the litter in the toilet and “show” him to put his paws on the seat, not keep them in the bowl. This presented a couple of problems. I have two little kids and a household to manage. I was rarely able to catch him at the right moment. Also, the few times I DID catch him, I would praise him and pet him and gently move a paw out onto the seat and he would glare at me in the most scornful way. You know that look–cats are very good at it.

So, I decided to get one of these. Doozer is doing well with it so far. Next week I will remove the #2 ring and he will have to start putting his paws on the seat. I am a little anxious about this part since he is very stubborn about this, but I think it will work out alright. I can’t wait for this process to be finished. I’m dreadfully tired of all the cat litter in every corner of my bathroom.

One thought on “Cat Update

  1. I am amazed that you are teaching your cat to use the toliet. You must be great at potty training!!

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