The Birds

Some phenomena are impossible to document with a crappy digital camera, but I’ve wanted to blog about this for weeks. The area where I live has become a gathering place for all the crows for miles (I mean, thousands) around come to roost at night. Last year, the massive roost was about a mile from where I live and for about an hour or so before dark, we could hear them calling as they picked their favorite perches on which to settle down for the night. This year, the roost is in our yard and all along the street where we live. Every evening, as the light begins to fade and darkness starts to take hold, the skies are literally filled with crows as they stream in from all over. All the tree tops I can see are thick with the large black birds, noisily calling to one another, as they settle down for the night. It really is a beautiful sight and it fills me with awe and appreciation for nature every evening. I only wish I could get a better picture of it.

Update 1/13/08: I found a great link on the subject.

4 thoughts on “The Birds

  1. Roosts are so wild. Scary, and awe inspiring. I wouldn’t joke about “four and twenty blackbirds, baked in a pie” until roosting season is over, though.

  2. I didn’t know crows do that. Are you sure they aren’t starlings? They’re the ones who travel in tremendous flocks and do those amazing and beautiful group acrobatics in midair. I couldn’t see the birds in your picture, but the sunset and the trees are just beautiful.

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