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Newsday Tuesday Returns

A BBC news spectacular!

Hamster prices in China skyrocket.  (Which is too bad, really, since rats make much better pets.)

World’s Fastest knitter to defend title. 85 sts/minute! Dude.

Saudis Ban Valentine’s Day. No Babybel cheese for them!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


Effed Up Baby Surprise Jacket

Update–>Mom and baby are feelin’ fine! My friend delivered her beautiful baby girl this afternoon. Hooray! Now–off to finish the sweater. :-)

On Wednesday last week, I learned that my dear friend would be going into the hospital today to deliver her baby (early) due to some complications. I am worried for her and her baby, but have faith that everything will be all right. She has a wonderful doctor and is in good hands, I’m sure.

In the mean time, what do knitters do when they are worried? They knit. On Friday, I hit the LYS, with the intention of procuring some yarn for one of these. I chose Mission Falls 1824 Wool and brought it home, casting on immediately. I’d had hopes of finishing it up by today, and was ready to knit furiously on it all weekend. The only problem is that I didn’t get the gauge of 7 sts/in that would give me a newborn size. No. And d’ya think I could have been troubled to go down a couple of needle sizes to get the correct gauge according to the pattern? No. I decided to adjust the pattern for my gauge (oh, the hubris!) and attempted to work the pattern with 75% fewer stitches.

I knit and knit and knit, planning the stripes carefully and working the decreases, going back and forth and back and forth late into the night. That was Friday. I woke up Saturday morning and had a good look at my progress. One side was about five stitches shorter than the other. I tried to make it work, counting back and making sure I was decreasing in the right places, but I just couldn’t figure it out. Given my yen to have a baby sweater for my friend by today, I abandoned my attempt at the BSJ in favor of this quick little knit.

And then I ran out of yarn.

No sleeves until I go back to the yarn shop today. *sigh*

Speaking of my trip to the LYS on Friday, I ran into another knit blogger who recognized me from either my blog or ravelry. She introduced herself by the name of her blog (also her Ravelry handle) which is really funny to me. I was so enthused to meet another knit blogger that I thought afterward I might have come off rather too strongly. I guess I was wrong. She describes our meeting and said some really sweet things about me on her blog (hi, Jen!). We hope to get together for some knitting soon. Yay!


Master’s Monday 6

Three swatches that need to be washed, tagged, and bagged. I’m going to shoot for three swatches a week and get these puppies done!

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Super WTF Tuesday

Something happened to me today that has never happened to me before. As I was standing in line to get my ballot, a sudden realization struck me–I still hadn’t decided who I would be casting my ballot for. I got very nervous; my heart leapt into my throat. I took my ballot to the booth and I stared at it like I was from another planet, not knowing what to do next. Their names burned on the page. I took a deep breath and closed by eyes, searching my heart. I strained to hear a single name, rising above the cacophony of internalized political adverts and talking heads, the answer to my question. I looked again at the ballot and my eye was drawn to a name. I sighed, relieved, and bent over the page with my pen to fill in the oval and cast my vote. But then I was overcome by another moment of indecision. If I’d had a coin I would have flipped it.

Did you vote today? Was your decision easy or difficult?

PS–>my Totally Awesome Sister has a great post today about the primary vote. Check it.

knitting oddities

Hello, Literoticans!

I was going to post this on your board, but am too lazy to sign up for an account. I just wanted to point out that has a bunch of odd stuff to knit. My favorites? The knitted uterus and the knitted breasts. Enjoy!

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Geek Out Instead

I was going to offer you a long post describing, in somewhat painful detail, the process I am going through as I struggle to decide who I will cast my ballot for in tomorrow’s primary. Hillary? Obama? Obama? Hillary?

But then Boing Boing posted this link for all the Macophiles out there. I’ll think about the election tomorrow.


Master’s Monday 5

Inspired by a friend who is whipping out her swatches with obscene speed, I worked exclusively on my seed stitch this week. (I apologize for the lighting in the photos. It’s gloomy here this morning!)

Here is the blanket square I’m going to send to Maryse:

Here is the alpaca scarf I’m knitting for EZ-E (Isaac will get one, too):

Obsessed? Yes, I was. And here is the resulting seed stitch swatch.

I feel that it’s much better than my past swatches and that once I wet block this sucker, it’ll be even better. Thanks for all the great suggestions. The solution seemed to be to tensioning my yarn around my pinkie finger not once, but twice. This made all the difference in the world. I’m moving on, people.

Swatch 1.


Hurry Spring

It’s the 3rd Annual Bloggers (Silent) Poetry Reading in honor of St. Brigid. How about an original knitting haiku from yours truly?

knitting socks is fun
if your feet are not too big
i will knit you some