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It was worth it

We made the trek up to Massachusetts on Thursday to join in the wedding celebration of my husband’s step-brother and long-time girlfriend companion partner (seriously, what to you call her when they’ve been together nearly 10 years and have a kid? I mean, “partner” just makes them sound like an old lesbian couple, which they most certainly are not. But I digress…). I don’t normally care for weddings and their after-parties, but it was nice to see the couple so happy and excited. Luckily, the wedding part was short and I didn’t have to go to the reception since it was adults only. I was able to take the boys back to the hotel for a quick dip in the pool, some dinner, and a quiet evening with a movie on TV (and my knitting). But the best thing about this trip is that the wedding was near Northhampton. And we all know what’s in Northhampton, right?

Oh, yeah.

Webs was awesome. Seriously amazing. And somewhat overwhelming. My husband even came inside with me and helped wrangle the children while I browsed. The front of the shop is spacious and gorgeous and by far the largest yarn shop I’ve ever been in. And then we went in the back.

lots of yarn

I could have spent all day in there. It’s like a yarn expedition. But the kids were restless and grumpy and their daddy was bored to tears. Here’s how it sounded:

Me: Wow! Isn’t this amazing?! Have you ever seen so much yarn? Look at this! And this! Isn’t this yarn gorgeous? Look over there. Oh my gosh, this is so awesome.”

Him (wryly): Yeah, it’s really great honey.

I-6: Mommy, this is boring.

E2: (screaming his head off due to exhaustion and frustration).

I got some sock yarn on sale:

more sock yarn

and some that wasn’t

more sock yarn

then made a hasty exit. But I’ll be back. Oh yeah, I’ll definitely be back.

5 thoughts on “It was worth it

  1. Wow, lucky you! My kids love yarn shops, BTW. They love all the colors and textures, and are very happy to muse out loud on what I should make with every yarn in the store. Next time, I’ll send them with you so you all can gang up on Mr. Jen.

  2. Heh, WEBS is always fun for newbies. I love taking people there for the first time–they’re always a little shellshocked when they leave, often with bags of yarn! :D

    We just introduced a friend last Tuesday. I think she’s hooked. :D

  3. Sounds like fun! I’m sure it would have made me buy more yarn even though I’m not done with what I have. We need to knit next week. How’s Wed.?

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