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Schedule for a Caturday

530 am: wake big hooman at dawn for fud. (check)
535 am: eatz too fast. throwz up in kitchen. throwz up in dining room. (check)
600 am: make peepee and poops (check)
605 am: practice kitteh kung-fu on tiny hoomans (check)
800 am: napz (check)
1000 am: sniff out kitteh treetz (check)
1100 am: napz
noon: fud time
400pm: stare at ceiling
600 pm: fud time, may need to bitez big hooman
605 pm: napz
800 pm: moar fud
805 pm: napz
midnight: security detail (check windows, kitchen counters, stairway, tiny hoomans, bathroom sink, laundry room, hot water heater. repeat)
530: wake big hooman at dawn for fud.