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Schedule for a Caturday

530 am: wake big hooman at dawn for fud. (check)
535 am: eatz too fast. throwz up in kitchen. throwz up in dining room. (check)
600 am: make peepee and poops (check)
605 am: practice kitteh kung-fu on tiny hoomans (check)
800 am: napz (check)
1000 am: sniff out kitteh treetz (check)
1100 am: napz
noon: fud time
400pm: stare at ceiling
600 pm: fud time, may need to bitez big hooman
605 pm: napz
800 pm: moar fud
805 pm: napz
midnight: security detail (check windows, kitchen counters, stairway, tiny hoomans, bathroom sink, laundry room, hot water heater. repeat)
530: wake big hooman at dawn for fud.

6 thoughts on “Schedule for a Caturday

  1. LOL. Now times that by three, and you’ve got my house. Plus a dog. And 3 birds. And my sons trying to adopt local lizards and garter snakes from the back yard. At least no one has tried to keep a pet spider… oh wait. They do have Bob the Daddy Long Legs Cellar Spider in the corner of their room. They even feed it moths…Sigh.

  2. You forgot to mention that during the security detail you are to be sure to travel a diagonal route over sleeping big hooman about 20 minutes before her alarm is set to go off (at 445am) and also that the best place to rest during the night is between her legs so that she can’t move without disturbing your sleep. Oh, BTW, my kitty is a swelvt 14 pounds!

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