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I’ve been kind of sucked into the computer lately. Of course, I’m still cranking away on my knitting projects and am very nearly finished with the two I have on the needles right now–a pair of socks for Mr. Interrupted and a pair of fingerless mitts for the same. (And no, they’re not Dashing. I’m doing the Maine Morning Mitts [ravelry] in his size after giving up on a pair of self-designed mitts in the Doctor Who scarf colors.) I’m not excited about these projects, though (sorry, sweetie) so they don’t make for very interesting blogging, and I can’t stop obsessing about casting on a sweater. For myself. Would it be crazy to knit a sweater while also trying to write a novel? Anyway, over the last couple of weeks while I’ve been in this slump, I’ve found a few new blogs–and not all of them are knitting blogs!

The first new one is Uberstrickenfrau. She hasn’t posted in a while, which is a shame because she is really really funny. Really.

Margaret and Helen have known each other for 60 years and started a blog as a way to maintain their transcontinental friendship. Helen is the loud mouth who keeps the blog up. She is outspoken and old. I love that. Fair warning: she is an Obama supporter.

Some moms are helicopter moms. Some are the opposite. Can you guess which kind I am?

Lastly, I found a great crockpot recipe over at A Year of Crockpotting.

Anybody out there reading anything new? I love finding new blogs. :-)

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  1. Have you found Franklin Habit’s blog, “The Panopticon”? It’s If you want FUNNY, go there. He’s the roommate of Dolores Von Hoofen, a Romney sheep in star-studded thong who is running for President on the Fibertarian party. I’ve found that I can start to read a blog — and suddenly it’s Tuesday! Whooooah…..time swamp. Your idea of mitts in Dr Who colors intriques me, but I”m on the 11th foot of a scarf and think I’ll take a respite from Dr Who for a bit when I wrap that one up.

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