Whiskers on Wednesday

Whiskers on Wednesday

This picture has appeared here before, but Doozer’s expression is classic “I’m going to bite your face” so I couldn’t resist posting it again for this Halloween edition of Whiskers On Wednesday! Now, go humiliate dress up your pet!

8 thoughts on “Whiskers on Wednesday

  1. Hahaha, great photo! Just the other day I was wondering what would happen if I put a Halloween costume on my cat. I think she would make the same face…

  2. Doozer looks a lot like my Lilliane! I’m not going to try costumes on either cat: Lilli wouldn’t take well to it, and Evangeline has to spend Halloween in the basement (so Lilli will accompany her). I’ve always had black cats, Evangeline literally NEVER goes outside – but black cats have a long history of UNDESERVED bad press this time of year and mine is going to be tucked in an safe, as she is every year. So a costume would be unappreciated anyway.

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