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Yes, I am still alive.

I’m not sure exactly what it is that has kept me from blogging lately. It just seems that by the time I’ve checked all my email accounts (and then FaceBook and Ravelry and the news and blogs) in the morning, there’s housework to do (load the dishwasher, get the laundry going, general tidying and dealing with children and such). Then it’s out to run errands or to make lunch and unload the dishwasher. Another quick check of the email, and then it’s time to make dinner. Then bath time and bed time for the kids and some quiet knitting (after I make the email rounds again of course). Perhaps I should give up email (and Facebook and Ravelry and the news and blogs)?

And my knitting, a true reflection of my life, is boring too.

Here’s some endless knitting:


And here’s some endless knitting with the occasional YO thrown in:


And here’s some endless knitting with a few purls thrown in:


(Note to self: in your next life, marry a man with smaller feet.)