Knitting Priorities

I spent much of this afternoon cleaning up the boys’ room, taking an inventory of their fall clothes, deciding which to keep or to toss, trying to figure out what I’ll need to buy when the cooler weather sets in. I7 needs long pants, of course. And a coat. E3 needs a couple of things. Not surprising, really, but the really great thing I learned on my little excursion deep, deep, deep down into the darkest depths of the kids’ closet, is that neither one of my kids needs a sweater this year. In fact, they barely have enough room in their dresser for the sweaters they have. Which means the extremely boring project I shared with you the other day can go on vacation, a very long vacation, along with the other kid sweater project I have planned. Life is too short for projects you hate, dear knitters. Too short.

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And now for something completely different…

Whereas today is A Day Without Cats, I offer you Puppy Can’t Get Up: