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More Random Stuff

1. The Tour de Fleece is still going and I am still spinning. I made a nice fat hank of Corriedale yarn and started on the Romney fleece.

2. Corriedale is nice to spin, but I still prefer BFL.

(oh how I miss the Kanye Interrupts meme.)

3. There are 6 lbs. of the Romney fleece. I’ve spun exactly 2 ounces and I am already sick of it.

4. You cannot spin at the beach. At least, I haven’t figured out a way to do it. Perhaps w/ a drop spindle, but I don’t fancy sand in my fiber, so no.

5. We’ve been at the beach a lot. But, evidently it’s jellyfish season and since E4 appears to be allergic to their stings, we might not go back for a while.

6. I’ve started the rewriting process on my NaNo. It’s pretty terrible, but not as terrible as I thought. And I think I know where I’m going to start. I think.

7. I was going to work on it this morning, but I spent too much time making the Kanye Interrupting Sheep image and now I have to do houseworky things. Stoopid never ending houseworky things.