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More Random Stuff

1. The Tour de Fleece is still going and I am still spinning. I made a nice fat hank of Corriedale yarn and started on the Romney fleece.

2. Corriedale is nice to spin, but I still prefer BFL.

(oh how I miss the Kanye Interrupts meme.)

3. There are 6 lbs. of the Romney fleece. I’ve spun exactly 2 ounces and I am already sick of it.

4. You cannot spin at the beach. At least, I haven’t figured out a way to do it. Perhaps w/ a drop spindle, but I don’t fancy sand in my fiber, so no.

5. We’ve been at the beach a lot. But, evidently it’s jellyfish season and since E4 appears to be allergic to their stings, we might not go back for a while.

6. I’ve started the rewriting process on my NaNo. It’s pretty terrible, but not as terrible as I thought. And I think I know where I’m going to start. I think.

7. I was going to work on it this morning, but I spent too much time making the Kanye Interrupting Sheep image and now I have to do houseworky things. Stoopid never ending houseworky things.

5 thoughts on “More Random Stuff

  1. There are no jelly fish in lake beaches, and there is no shortage of them around here! (I knit at a lake in Fairfield today, and it worked out fine.)

  2. Ah! Evil houseworky things!

    If you want to appreciate the Romney fleece, I can send you some flax. It sounded like fun to spin my own linen as some variety, but it’s actually not very fun to spin at all. It breaks too often, is rough on the hands, etc.

    And enjoy the beach! I haven’t been yet this year. Weird, I know.

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